84 Cuisines Makai Chyakhla/Corn Grits 1Kg

Lentils & Beans

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84 Cuisines Makai Chyakhla/Corn Grits 1Kg

84 Cuisines Makai Chyakhla/Corn Grits 1Kg are mildly grounded corn without the outer coating of the corn kernel (the bran). Corn grits are made from dent corn, which has a softer and starchier kernel. The mature kernels are then processed to remove the outer hull, dried, and then ground into smaller bits. 

The most common way to prepare corn grits is by boiling them and combining them with milk or butter for a creamy texture. Like lentils and beans, corn grits have a mild and earthy taste with smooth consistency when prepare well. 


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