Would the taste of Boer Goats be the same as last year ?
Taste will closely match last year. This year our goats are smaller in comparison to last year , so there will be less fat and more meat for what you buy. Saying that , fat could create a change in taste . However, less fat on goats means less fat on you :)
How much stock do you have of Boer Goats ?
We have a limited number of Boer goats due to lockdown restrictions in regional NSW . Once we are fully booked with this stock , we will revert to Boer X goats . These are also castrated goats and will be very much similar in taste .
Is goat castration allowed in Australia ?
Yes , it definitely is allowed as long as it is done within specific guidelines and industry best practices. Our farmers are professionals in this field and have taken utmost care during this process .
What is the minimum order for Pick up?
There is no minimum order for Pick Up. However, orders under $50 are charged a $5 fee. Orders over $50 are free.
Do you deliver for Dashain?
Yes, we do Dashain deliveries in Sydney, Southern Highlands, Wollongong, Canberra, Central Coast & Newcastle. Minimum order for delivery is $150. However, as of 8 Oct 2021, 7:30 Pm AEST, all slots are full except for few remaining spots in Sydney, Wollongong & Southern Highlands .
When will I receive my delivery?
Once you place items in the cart and click the checkout button, you will see all the available delivery dates on the basis of the postcode you have provided. You will receive an SMS on the same morning of your chosen date, confirming the approximate time of delivery. Please make sure you are available at home to receive delivery. If you are not available, drivers will leave the order at the safe place. Being perishable, you are taking the risk incase the products get spoiled due to temperature issues.
Can I cancel my order?
Yes , you can cancel the order with no charge 3 days prior to the delivery date . If you cancel within 3 days , we will refund 80% of the total amount.